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How to make money from a Website?

how to make money from a website

Making money from a website is not that difficult compared to the early years. Just little effort and good knowledge about a specific topic can start you an extra income.

With these resources, you should be able to make money to cover the expenses of your domain name and hosting. You might recover your investment and earn a little more from it. Just follow these little steps to make money from a website.

Top 5 ways to make money from website

      1)      Earn from the AdSense

The big websites like, Issuu, and many others are using Google ads for earning. You can also start earnings from AdSense. But, getting your account approved from AdSense is a little bit difficult.

I have written an article on How to get Adsense account approved, you can have a look.

How can you earn from Google AdSense?

Google pays you on the clicks your ad gets as well as the total number of impressions. In simple words, impressions are the number of times an ad get loaded. For example, if you have placed three ads on a page then every time a visitor visits a particular page, you will get three impressions on one pageview.

The AdSense revenue depends on your blog’s niche, domain authority, geographical traffic, content quality, and platform.

      2)      Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to earn money from a website. Start by searching for product which you genuinely recommend. Sign up for the affiliate program and place the product code on your website which contains your account’s unique ID.

Once your website’s visitor clicks on the ad and purchases the product, you will get a specific percentage of commission.

Affiliate marketing is not limited to products, many organizations run affiliate programmes to get more subscription on your product. You can earn from that as well.

      3)      Pay per Click Ads

Pay per click ads are very much similar to the Google AdSense. The only difference is you will be paid if the ad banner is clicked. You will not be paid on the impressions. The biggest benefit of these ads is you do not need to verify your website. Once you sign up and you will be given a code which you can place on your website.

It took me more than three months to get my AdSense account verified. Meanwhile, I signed up Pay per click ads and placed them on my website.

      4)      Sell the Ad Space on your blog

Google AdSense is just one way to make money selling the Ad space on your blog is another way to earn money from your website. There are several companies looking to advertise on another website by placing banners.

You can get paid on the basis of the monthly visitor of your blog. If you blog gets 100,000 visitors per month, you can quote it as 5 Dollars per 1000 impressions and you can get 500 dollars a month. This amount is really good for a website.

      5)      Accept guest posts

As the current scenario suggests, guest posting is the trending in the SEO industry. Many SEO experts believe the backlink from a guest post is natural and a lot valuable compare to other off-page link building activity.

The metrics of your site need to be really high if you want other website owners to guest post on your website. I have written an article regarding guest posting here,

How to guest post and what are the benefits? You can have a look and start accepting guest posts for your website as well.


If you are good at something or you just have a basic knowledge of a specific topic, then you can also make money online. These are the most famous and the easiest ways to make money online in the least amount of time. But, one thing you need to keep in mind that “content is king”.

After reading this article, do share your take on the same and let us know if you have any other tactics to make money from a website.


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