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How to Guest Post and what are the benefits?

How to guest post and what are the benefits

Guest posting is the best tool for branding and getting traffic on your website. Though, Google’s webspam guru, Matt Cutts has officially declared that guest blogging is dead but many SEO experts believe that it is an effective Off-page activity.

Steps for guest posting

Follow these steps and do guest blogging in the right way. The first scenario of guest posting is getting recognized by the high authority blog’s editor and showcasing your expertise. Show the blog owner your best work while pitching and why you are different from the others. Follow these steps to guest post.

      1)      Find a relevant website
Finding a relevant website is the most important step. You can find on the google by your keywords. For example, if your blog is about SEO then you can write in the Google search box, SEO “write for us”. In the below result you will see the list of websites which are willing to publish the guest post.

      2)      Pitch the website owner
On the “write for us” page, either a contact form or an email ID is given. If there is a contact form, then you can fill the form as per the fields. If you find an email ID, then you can include the following information in your pitch
  • About yourself
  • The topic you are going to write about
  • Your experience
  • Your best articles
So, include this information while pitching the website owner

      3)      Wait for the response
The editors of a website receive several pitches so; you need to wait for a few days or weeks to get a response from the website editor or owner. After one month of pitching, if you do not hear back, it means that the website owner is not interested in your article.
If the website owner is interested in your article, then he will come up with a few suggestion or tips and give your article a green signal.

      4)      Submit your guest post
Once you complete writing, submit your guest post to the website owner with a proper image in the word file. Sometimes, your articles do not get a green flag. The website owner will get back to you with a few changes. Do the changes in the articles and once your article is approved it will be published in days to three months.

What are the benefits of Guest posting?

Higher conversion rate

The more targeted traffic your website receives, the higher the chance of a high conversion rate. Getting your guest post published on high authority website can get your website a huge amount of audience.

Along with that, a good guest post can get you a good number of followers on twitter and the website. You can become a popular expert by guest posting.

Get a link back to your website

The highest quality of links will come from submitting the best content to the high-ranking blogs of your niche.

It will improve your traffic, Domain Authority and Trust flow. With a few months, you will get good DA, TF, CF, and traffic to your website.

Higher Business Opportunity

With proper implementation, a guest posting builds new business opportunities. When your content showcases your experience, you can get a good connection with the industry and new business opportunities.

Builds new relationships

With guest blogging, you can make new relationships with the people from your industry. To develop a relationship takes several years and with the help of Guest posting, you can build a new relationship with the wider audiences.


It is a basic process of guest posting. You can follow these steps and get your guest post published. If you are having any doubts or suggestions, then do let us know by dropping a comment.


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