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Best Nodejs Frameworks in 2018

Best nodejs frameworks 2018

Node.js is one of the fastest platforms which is built on the Chrome’s V8 javascript engine. Node.js is used to develop fast, a scalable website which has the ability to handle a huge number of clients. Nodejs has been widely used to develop different real-time applications, mobile apps, and website.  Here are the best Nodejs frameworks in 2018.

<h1>Best Nodejs Frameworks in 2018</h1>

Express.js is used to create server-side web applications, Mobile applications and APIs faster. It is one of the most popular frameworks of Nodejs. The major characteristics of Express.js are simplicity, flexibility, scalability. A large community uses this framework, that is why there is an advantage to express modern updates.

Express makes Nodejs development a cakewalk and gives programmers additional features as well. With express, programming time can be cut down in half. So, Express.js deserves a place in the list of the best Nodejs frameworks.

If you want your web application to be electrifyingly fast and want to make it a real-time application, then is the perfect choice. is a javascript library which allows the bidirectional data flow. With the help of, a user does not need to refresh the page to get the data from the server. Once a server receives data, it will forward to the client.

The stock market website, video streaming websites/apps, live chat application are using heavily.

Meteor.js is a full stack Javascript framework and makes web development easier. Along with the express.js, Meteor.js has also been used and loved by the developers. It has one of the most active communities, you will get the solution for your errors in the least amount of time. Meteor.js is used to create some amazing web and mobile applications.

It is flexible just like other Nodejs frameworks and requires less code to build a real-time application. It is a full stack platform so Javascript is going to be on both client and server side. With Metror.js, you can build real-time applications very easily.


It is yet another framework of Node.js which has become very popular among the developers. Sail.js has become popular for developing different chat applications, dashboards and multi-player games. Sail.js uses Express for the HTTP requests handling built upon the node.js platform. Sail.js’ compatibility with the Grunt modules makes it one of the best Javascript frameworks in 2018.


Total.js is an amazing server-side and client-side solution which does not need any kind of dependencies. Total.js also supports websockets and server-sent events along with the SMTP mail server. The media streaming applications can be built very easily with this framework.
The NoSQL database is built in with amazing analytics tools and great performance. The total.js framework supports classic routes, dynamic routes and regex routes. Creating the web applications is just like a cakewalk in total.js.


In this digital era, every technology changes and gets upgraded in the least time interval. Every day, the application which is already developed are becoming more advanced. Each framework listed in this list has different features and suitable for different types of applications. Over the years, Node.js has been the biggest influencer on the web development industry. So, here are the best nodejs frameworks that are widely used by the developers in 2018.

Do you think, we need to add other frameworks on the list? Do let us know, by dropping a comment in the comment box here.


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