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Which is the best language for IOT App Development?

Which programming language is best for IOT App Development?

Confused? Which is the best language for IOT App Development? Finding it difficult to choose which language is the most appropriate? Have a look at our list for the most suitable programming languages to develop an IOT app.

Best Languages for IOT App Development

  •        Javascript
  •        C
  •       Java
  •       Python
  •       Swift

The popular Javascript framework Node.js is capable of handling the huge amount of requests through the streams. Sockets work extremely well with the Node.js. Compared to any other framework, Node.js is one of the fastest and a node.js server never crashes. Node.js comes with the Node package manager which has many IOT packages and modules making it one of the most suitable platform to develop different IOT applications.

The node.js community is one of the most active communities and you will get most of your issues resolved in the least amount of time. Apart from that, Node.js is really easy to learn or you can Hire Nodejs Developer at the most affordable price as well.


C language has been the foundation for various programming languages. The biggest reason for IOT apps is that C language does not require a lot of power. C language is not an object-oriented language but it’s a procedure language. Many big organizations have already started using C language to work on the IOT apps. Once you have the basic knowledge about C, it will be easier for you to programme in C.


Java is one of the most robust programming languages and that is the reason why many IOT developers are using it. The market reach of Java is very high; you can easily hire a Java developer. There are several resources available to develop an app in the Java. Reliability and security are the biggest advantages of Java language. So, choosing Java for the IOT app development can also be a great choice.


The source code written in the Python programming language is extremely compact and can easily be read and that is the reason why Python has been the primary choice for various developers to develop an IOT app. Python is the best choice when it comes to managing the data-intensive applications. So, it can be the best choice for doing such activities.


As the current scenario suggests, the enterprises are drawn to develop different cloud-based applications. Swift’s productivity can convert an application into a great product. Swift has an ability to produce the highly relevant application easily. So, it is clear that Swift is not just restricted to the iPhone app development but it is also used on the cloud servers as well.

So now, from this list, you can select, which is the best programming language for IOT app development? If you have any suggestions, then do let us know by dropping a comment in the comment box.


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