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Innovative Ways to Double the Revenue for your Ecommerce Store

ways to double the revenue for your ecommerce store

In this highly competitive world, you need to look for innovative and modern ways to double the revenue for your Ecommerce store. Some sales activities prove beneficial and some do not. To make your strategy beneficial and effective, you need to learn which activities or which channels are best to showcase your store.

Keeping that in mind, we have analyzed these activities to increase the revenue for your Ecommerce store.

Ways to Double the Revenue for your Ecommerce Store

      -          Use Facebook and Instagram ads
      -          Use SEO for more leads
      -          Get more sales from your Ecommerce customers with Email Marketing
      -          Increase traffic with Giveaways
      -          List your product on different Product listing websites

Use Facebook and Instagram

Facebook has 2.19 Billion monthly users while Instagram has over 840 Million monthly active users. There are several communities and groups on Facebook, you can join them and share your products. Along with that, Facebook has a lower cost per click rates then Google Adsense so, you can opt for a Facebook ads campaign to increase revenue for your Ecommerce store.

As per the study, almost 70% of brands are using on Instagram for the marketing purposes. Instagram has also announced that they are creating a team of 50 experts to focus on the Ecommerce features of the application. So, this is the best time to grow sales and revenue from Instagram. To grow sales first, you need to build your own following. The more followers you have the more reaches your product will get.

How to build more followers on Instagram?

      1)      Post interesting stuff on the frequent basis
      2)      Use relevant hashtags so that even the users who are not following you get to know about your product
      3)      Comment, like other posts and tag other users as well
      4)      Start the paid campaign on Instagram for the specific region
      5)      Add story of your product on the Instagram if your target audience is youngsters

Use SEO for more leads

When it comes to SEO, the most important thing is building links (getting a link from other websites).
The more backlinks you have the higher rank your website will get. There are several tools available to find out Domain authority, competitor link, spam score and much more. Visit here,

There are several other activities you need to perform with a view to optimizing your website for the search engines!

      1)      Off-page activities
      2)      On-page activities
      3)      Creating useful and unique content
      4)      Blogging frequently
      5)      Content marketing

You can also Hire SEO Expert in case you are finding it difficult or you do not have time to optimize your website.

Get more sales from your customers by Email marketing

Email marketing is the best way to repeat your customers and make them know about your new arrivals. Email marketing is nothing but sending an email to your circle and pinging them about your products. There are many tools available to forward the email in the junk. You can use it and start your email campaign today.

There are some benefits of email marketing
      -          Low costs
      -          Reach the audience who are looking for your product
      -          Very easy to get started and maintain
      -          Reach the audience all around the world

Increase traffic with giveaways

It might feel difficult to giveaway some swagger clothes or products but, after all, giveaways are “best for business”. First of all, you need to set up some goals for your giveaways and choose a unique price. Spread the news and follow up even after the giveaways.

List your product on different product listing sites

There are many product listing websites where you can list your products and many people will get in touch with you who are looking for such products. There are two benefits of product listing. First is the exposure to your product and secondly, you will get a link back to your website. So, product listing will bring good traffic to your website as well.

That concludes the five best ways to double the revenue for your Ecommerce store. Let me know if you have any suggestion for us by dropping a comment.


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