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5 Tips to Rank an App on the PlayStore and Get More Downloads

5 Tips to Rank an App on the PlayStore and Get More Downloads

Just like Google, there are several searches take place on the Google Play store every day. Following are simple tips. These tips can help you rank an app in the play store and get more downloads. These activities include doing the proper keyword research, writing a good product description, building online presence affect the rank of an app on the PlayStore.

For an application, Let’s have a look at various ranking factors. These factors are similar with factors which affect the ranking of a website. But, there are some differences you need to keep in mind.
Here are the tips to get better rankings for an app.

- Optimize your app
- Use the right keywords
- Write relevant description
- Reviews make difference
- Use social media platforms

Optimize your app

According to a study, there are 27% of users find and download an application through searching. This number is likely to increase! As Google is optimizing the searches and showing the applications where it is necessary.

Google now includes “app pack” at the top of the mobile searches. Just open the browser and type video player, you will see different video player applications at the top of the page. People think of apps as the mobile applications but, these apps are nothing but the web application which provides services.

In the “App pack”, you can find one to six applications. The most relevant app will be in the first place. These rankings also matter, the more optimized your app will be the higher it will appear on the search.

Use the right keywords

Along with Google, users also search on the play store as well. People tend to search the noun. For example, they search video player, photo editor and so on. If you optimize your application according to this keyword form, then you can rank easily in the play store.

Write Relevant Description

Writing a relevant description for an application makes a huge difference in the rankings. There are three phases of writing a description.

1)    The description of your application should be around 150 to 160 words. Adding the keyword in the first paragraph is a ranking booster. Write three sentences in the first paragraph and rest in the next paragraph.

2)     The second phase is describing the key features of your application. In the key features, you can include your keywords along with the unique functionality of your app.

3)    The third phase is going to be the “short description”. The short description should be around 60 to 70 characters and it can cover your keywords.

So, you can keep these points in mind to rank your app in the play store.

Reviews Make the Difference

For an instance, your application will rank on the basis of reviews you get. Along with the reviews, the star rating will also affect the ranking. Not only the rankings, the start rating affects CTR (Click Through rate) as well. The higher ratings you get the more CTR your application will receive.

Use different social media platforms

A huge number of users are using social networking sites. On the social media, you get a chance to get connected with all the users who are searching for an app just like yours. On Twitter, you can use the trending hashtags, on facebook join different groups and share your application. Doing such things will help you get the more rankings for your application.

So, following these steps will help you get more download for your app. Following these tips, you can also boost your app in the top results as well. Do share your views on this post by dropping a comment.


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