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The Importance of Social Media Marketing for The Expansion of Your Business

Importance of social media marketing

The usage of various social networking sites has increased rapidly. People enjoy to spend time on the social media platforms, read and get in touch with the interesting stuff. For that reason, the importance of social media marketing for the business expansion has increased. Over the past few years, Social media plays a major role in the lifestyle of the humans from the age of five years to the sixty years.

With the help of social media marketing, you can reach out to the 60 to 70 percent of world’s population. The major social networking sites are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit and many more. Facebook has over 2.19 Billion monthly active users and Twitter has 336 Million monthly active users. Another study shows that there are 500 Million tweets, 4.5 Billion likes and 95 Million photos shared on these major social networking sites. These stats show the importance of social media marketing for the expansion of your business!

Why Social Media Marketing is important?

1) Improvement in Sales
2) Reduction in the marketing expenses
3) Brand awareness
4) Traffic improvement for a website
5) Generate quality leads

Now, let’s discuss each of this point briefly,

1) Improvement in sales:

As shown above, social media has become a part of our routine life. With the help of social media, you can connect with the specific audience and reach out to the people who are interested in buying your products. If you develop a proper social media strategy and follow it then you can easily generate some quality leads with the help of social media marketing.

2) Reduction in the marketing expenses:

Hiring a social media marketing expert and sharing the post on the frequent is affordable. Many organizations have different packages for various social media marketing strategy. For the business expansion, you can directly consult such organization and select a plan which is in your budget.

3) Brand Awareness:

Sharing one interesting post related to your business every day and sharing it in different groups on Facebook can boost the awareness for your brand. The more you share the more number of people will get to know about your brand and your services. Brand awareness is the biggest reason to do the social media marketing.

4) Traffic Improvement for a website:

Whenever you share your post on the social networking sites do not forget to put a link of your website in the post. If the readers of your post will find it interesting then they will definitely click on the website. So, the traffic on your website will automatically be increased in the least amount of time.

5) Generate Quality leads for a business:

By using proper hashtags and sharing a post related to the trends can get you a huge amount of impression on the post or a tweet. Again, the more people will see your tweet the more chances of getting the engagement or leads for the business.


In this digital era, the social media presence is required for the business expansion. You can do social media sharing by your own by posting and tweeting frequently or you can just hire an organization which provides the social media optimization services. So, it was all for the importance of social media marketing for the expansion of a business. Do share your thoughts by dropping a comment.


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