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SEO vs PPC: Advantages, Disadvantages and Which provides better value?


Companies from different industries have now started realizing that internet marketing has become really necessary to expand the business on the digital platform. As the current scenario suggests, maximum number of users reach a website by searching. As the matter of fact, almost 80% people find their desired website with the help of search engine. For the expansion of any business, it is really important to have the higher search rankings.

So, you need to make a decision that which one is more useful, SEO or PPC? The SEO is used to rank a website higher in the search engine with the help of different On-page and Off-page activities. PPC is sponsored or purchased links. Now let’s have a look at the SEO vs PPC.

SEO vs PPC: Advantages and Disadvantage

First of all, let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantage of SEO VS PPC.

PPC Advantages:

  • Brings a huge amount of traffic to the website
  • Really easy to evaluate the result for a website
  • Increased revenue
  • Great conversation rate
  • Can be revised whenever you want

Brings a huge amount of traffic to a website:
“Traffic” is one of the most important reasons why people choose Pay per click campaigns. The banners ads are created for a particular keyword and whenever a user searches for that keyword, banner ad appears on the first page. As the matter of fact, a person needs to have a good knowledge about bidding for PPC ad.

Easy to evaluate the results:

Compared to the Search engine optimization, the result in PPC campaign is very much accurate. It is easy to measure the search query in PPC.

Increased Revenue:

Along with the traffic, revenue on various products or deal also gets increased. As a huge amount of people will come to know about your product or service and they are possibilities that few from them will also opt to buy it.

Great Conversion rate with conversion pixels:

There is a feature available called conversion pixels which helps you to see which keywords are creation conversion for your business. These conversion pixels give you a detailed analysis of your campaign.

Can easily be revised:

This is yet another advantage of a PPC campaign. With this feature, you will be able to revise your ad according to the market trends in the easiest way. This feature can boost the revenue easily.

PPC Disadvantages:

  • If not managed properly then cost may be a big issue
  • Junk Traffic or fake traffic
If not managed properly then cost may be an issue:

With so many innovative features, PPC is costly as well. If the PPC team does manage cost properly then it can be a big issue. And if the team fails you end up losing a big amount.

Junk Traffic or fake Traffic

It is possible that your competitor fires fake clicks on your ads which do not get a conversion. So, you might get discouraged to spend on at your other products.

SEO Advantages

  • SEO is cost-effective and you will definitely get traffic
  • It helps your business grow
SEO is cost-effective and you will definitely get traffic:

SEO is very much cost effective. If you want to Hire SEO expert, then you can easily hire an expert at the most effective price with the guaranteed result for the specific keywords. So, getting your website on the top of the search engine is not difficult if you have hired an expert. That is totally confirmed that you will get results if your site is optimized in the right direction.

It helps your business grow:

Once your website gets good search ranking then the people who are looking for your products or services will definitely reach your website. It is confirmed that your website will get good revenue and business expansion.

SEO Disadvantages:

  • SEO takes time
  • Algorithm change can decrease traffic
  • You need to be careful while building backlinks
SEO takes time:

In this competitive digital world, to get your website ranked and perform creative SEO strategy can take time.

Algorithm change can decrease traffic and ranking:

Google has developed algorithms to get the accurate search results. Apart from that on the frequent basis, Google keeps on changing these algorithms with a view to providing the most accurate results to users. So, the algorithm change may affect your website’s ranking and traffic.

Need to be careful while building backlinks:

Backlinks play a major role to rank or de-rank a website. Always look for the backlinks from a high authority website with low spam score otherwise it will get difficult to rank your website on the search engine.

SEO or PPC Which one is better?

SEO’s strengths are low cost and definite results where PPC’s strengths are speed and expensiveness. If you want results for your website in the quick time and you have a huge budget to spend then you should choose Pay per click campaign. If you can wait for around eight to nine months, then SEO can be the right choice. So, it depends on the owner of a website. What is your take on SEO vs PPC? Do let us know by dropping us a comment.


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