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Best Javascript Frameworks to Look Forward in 2018

Javascript frameworks

There is no doubt that Javascript has taken the development industry by a storm. Here is the list of the best Javascript frameworks to learn in 2018. With the robust features, many Javascript has become the prime choice of developers. Along with that, Javascript is an easy language to learn that might be also a reason why it is trending. The big names including Google and Facebook are using Angular.JS and React native respectively.

Top Javascript Framewords

  • Reactive Native
  • Node.js
  • Angular.js
  • Ember.js
  • Vue.JS
React Native

Facebook is using react native for its app. This platform is used to develop the cross-platform applications which run on both Android and IOS systems. The builds for Android and IOS can be created very easily. The development efforts can be cut off by a huge margin. Many users are happy with the GPU(Graphics Processing Unit) reactive native. So, it makes Reactive native one of the best Javascript frameworks to look forward in 2018.


Nodejs is one of the most trending and electrifyingly fast back-end platforms. The biggest benefit of node.js is NPM (Node Package Manager). Node.js has now the largest package registry in the world and the number is over 350K. According to a study, every day around 150 people publish their first package in the registry.

Node.js is different from the traditional languages like .asp, .jsp or .php as Nodejs is an event-driven non-blocking framework. It means, Node.js does not wait for the response and accepts all the requests from the client. This feature makes nodejs fast and the server never crashes. If you are looking to develop a real-time application, then you can Hire Nodejs developer at the most affordable price.


Angular.JS is yet another a really easy to learn front-end framework of Javascript. Angular 5 has just released and it has some magnificent features like automatic error detection, build optimizer removes all the unnecessary code and many other. The Angular.js can be used to create the web application for the big enterprises.

The big companies like Google Adsense, Analytics, Amazon, Upwork are using Angular.js. Angular.js is also popular to develop single page websites (Which includes the hashtags in the URL). Many experts believe that in the coming years, Angular.js can also be used to create small blogging websites. Currently, Angular.JS is widely used with Node.js (MEAN Stack) and


Just like Angular, Ember.js also follows MVC architecture and supports data binding. Many developers believe that Ember.js is the future of Javascript. It allows developers to create scalable and unique user interfaces. It has already received 33K Github stars. Popular websites like Yahoo, Netflix are using Ember.js.


Vue.js is one of the modern technologies that is widely used by the big developers. Vue.js is very small in size and can easily be downloaded and used. Just like the other platforms, Vue.js is also easy to understand, learn and develop applications. From the community of Vue.js, the detailed documentation is available and it has one of the most active communities. Bugs are sorted out in the least amount of time. So, Vue.js deserves a place in the top Javascript frameworks.

So, here was the list of the best Javascript frameworks to look forward to the year 2018. Do share your thoughts by dropping us a comment.


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