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New Zealand VS England 5th ODI: England crash Kiwi easily!

England and New Zealand both are the outstanding teams and they give their hundred percent in a match! But as the matter of fact, the English team is slightly ahead of the New Zealand with both bat and the ball. New Zealand have been knocked down by the English team by 3-2 in this series. With both bat and ball, the English team is in an exceptional foam and gearing up for the cricket world cup 2019. There are few key points that are responsible for this kind of result! In our segment of the latest cricket news, have a look at the various factors!

      1)      New Zealand openers failing to make big totals:

In last both innings, both the New Zealand openers have been sent back to the pavilion by the English bowlers at the very minimum score and that is the biggest factor for New Zealand’s low scores. Both of the New Zealand openers have the ability to score runs at the strike rate of over 100 in any match. But, their dismissal at a very low score is the biggest reason for their loss.

      2)      Lack of experience in Kiwi players:

Though New Zealand have the quality players in the squad, competitively their players do not have that much experience. In the New Zealand squad, only three players in the squad having the experience and those are Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor, and M. Guptill. Apart from these players, no other player has the experience to play under the pressure situation. Looking at the Cricket World Cup 2019, they need to work hard on the ball hitting abilities. While talking about the English team, they have Joe Root, Jos Buttler, Eion Morgan, Ben Stokes in the squad. All these players have the tremendous experience and hitting abilities.

      3)      Low Strike rate and All-Rounders:

The openers of the South African squad have very healthy strike rate. But as the matter of fact, the middle order does not have that healthy strike rate compare to England. New Zealand have two all rounder’s in the squad and both of them are inexperienced. England also have two all-rounder’s but, both of them are experienced and have the ability to hit it with an extraordinary strike rate. So, with these areas, New Zealand need to work on with a view to getting better exposure in a particular game. Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor are the most senior players in the squad but both of them have the strike rate of less than 85. If they work on their ability find the gap then the strike rate can boost which will, in turn, benefit the New Zealand side to perform better.

So, this was it for Latest Cricket News. Stay connected with us for the most interesting cricket analysis, live cricket scores, and latest cricket updates. IPL season 11 is around the corner and we can expect some extra-ordinary blasts. We will be there for the coverage. If you are having any suggestion for us then do not hesitate and drop the comment in the comment box.


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