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Latest Cricket News: Steve Smith & David Warner Step Down from The Captain & Vice Captain!

The “ball tempering” video has gone viral and Australians are being criticized for such a shameful behaviour. The Latest Cricket News have come out and it suggests that Steve Smith and David Warner have stepped down from the captain and vice-captain posts respectively. They need to consider the fact that the technology is really advanced and they cannot just cheat in an international match so easily. As the current scenarios suggest, the Australian player Cameron Bancroft is in a real trouble after this incident has taken place but the good news is that they have confessed this incident. Cameron Bancroft has confessed that he has done the ball tempering and Steve smith has confessed to encourage the young cricketer for doing such shameful act on the field. Tim Paine is the Australian captain for the current game.

On the day earlier, the Australians were not seen practising on the field and they were in some kind of discussion. They must be deciding for this incident to be honest. All the cricket fans are eyeing on the decision which is yet to come and they must be expecting some aggressive decision to be taken from the governors against such shameful incident. Many former crickets and experts have criticized this incident including Michael Crake, Kevin Peterson, Shane Warne and many other. The cricket Australia have been investigating this incident from their end and the results will be out in the near future.

On the starting of the day 4, the Australian team was looking flat with very less emotions and enthusiasm. They managed to take the wicket of AB De Villiers pretty quickly but, there was no celebrations from the side. The reason must be the shameful act done by the Australians on the third day of the test. Just before some years, the same act was done by the Pakistani players against Australians in a test match. At that time Shahid Afridi was involved in such incident and the strong action was taken against these players. So, in this match as well it is expected that this player must be banned for some of the matches. Currently, the South Africans have started batting on the day four, sixteen overs have been bowled by the Australian bowlers. They have managed to take the wicket of De Villiers. He has made 63 runs off 136 deliveries. Quinton De Kock has successfully completed his half century and playing at 61 runs. Vernon Philander has been able to score some big maximums and he has been there and scored around 16 runs off 13 deliveries.

This is all for the story of Ball tempering incident. The verdict is yet to come and we believe that the officials will take some strong action against the players who are involved in this incident. If you have any opinion for this incident, then do let us know and comment below. IPL season 11 is just two weeks away and we are all set to start the live cricket blog containing the live scores, updates and much more. Do join us for the same!


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