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IPL Auction 2018: Top 10 players to look forward for the auction!

IPL is always celebrated as the festival in India, a huge crowd comes to the stadium to enjoy the live action. All the overseas players and rivals play together in IPL. For example, AB De Villiers and Virat Kohli are the most deserving players who can break Sachin Tendulkar’s records for the maximum runs in the One Day Internationals and competitors but in IPL they play together and learn from each other!

      1)      Joe Root:

Just yesterday, Joe Root has shown interest to join the biggest cricket league in the world, IPL. Right now, Joe Root is the captain of the England Test Cricket team and rules the ICC top 10 player’s edition in all the formats of the game. Joe Root plays at an average of around 50 in Tests and ODIs and at the average of around 40 in the T20s with the strike rate of around 140. After looking at these numbers, every franchise must be eyeing on Joe Root.

     2)      Chris Gayle:

Probably the most appropriate and the most explosive batsman for the T20s is Chris Gayle. Once he settles down on the pitch and starts hitting big maximum, it is next to impossible to stop this thunderstorm. It is going to be amazing to see how big different franchises bid on Chris Gayle. 

     3)      Yuvraj Singh:

The duet of Yuvraj Singh and M.S Dhoni has brought India two big world cups. How amazing it would be to see Yuvraj Singh play with M.S Dhoni in the Chennai Super Kings? World Cup 2019 is also just one year away from us and the selection would be really interesting if Yuvraj Singh plays well in this season.

      4)      DJ Bravo:

One of the most entertaining and the most playful players, DJ Bravo. He is among the top all-rounder who can take several wickets with the various types of ball and hit maximums with bat as well. Though DJ Bravo has said that he has less chances for his comeback in the national side still there are many teams which are eyeing on him and going to bid the maximum.

      5)      David Miller:

He has the record of scoring the fastest T20 hundred which came just after two months against Bangladesh. Not only for the South Africa but also for the Kings eleven Punjab, David Miller has been the star player and managed to get the team toward big totals several times. It is really strange that why Punjab did not retain him? The reason might be their several losses in the recent seasons! But, in whichever team David Miller go, there is a sure shot action coming our way.

     6)      Glenn Maxwell:

Along with David Miller, Glenn Maxwell has also been an integrated part of the Punjab team. He has helped the team to chase down big totals. Though his foam is an issue and because of that, he is not included in their side. But, Glenn Maxwell loves to play on the Indian pitches and he has solid stats in India. So, it is going to be interesting for us to see in which team Maxwell is going to play.

      7)      R. Ashwin

Though R. Ashwin has not a good record in the T20s his performance on the Indian soil is just magnificent. He has been an integrated part of Chennai Super Kings and the Pune team. As the predictions suggest, all the franchises are going to bid as big as they can for this player.

      8)      Aaron Finch

Can you believe that Aaron Finch has the better record in the T20s than the ODIs? Yes, he is the specialist of such format. For more than one year he has been in the top list of the ICC player for the T20s. He is an explosive batsman with strong hitting technique who can play at the strike rate of more than 150 from the very first over.

      9)      Ben Stokes

There is no doubt that Ben Stokes is the best all-rounder in the current time. He can bowl at the speed of around 140 KM/Hour and has the powerful arms that can hit big maximums. He has taken team England and the Pune team to the victories single-handedly in several matches. He has also been one of the most valuable players in the previous IPL auction. Let’s see how far the bids go in this season as well.

     10)  Gautam Gambhir:

It is really strange that why KKR have not retained Gautam Gambhir? He has successfully led the team KKR to the victory in several matches and two titles. Gautam Gambhir also has a healthy strike-rate in the shortest format of the game. It is going to be interesting to see how big the bids will come for this magnificent player in the coming days!

So this was the wrap for the top 10 players to see for the IPL 2019 auctions! Do share your thought in the comment box and keep in touch to get the Latest Cricket news and for the cricket world cup 2019.


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