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Champion's Trophy 2017: Cricket is not a Game, it is an Inspiration.

A fan says,

Maybe cricket is just game for many people but I feel it’s an inspiration for many. As matches are taking some interesting turns and twists. Teams with new names and that are in the bottom beating the top teams. Some record-breaking chases are happening and newbie’s playing some intellectual cricket. Here I bring the unexpected results which I have witnessed in this league.

1)    Bangladesh beating New Zealand: 

In a recent match, Bangladesh showed exceptional batting effort and won the match against New Zealand. They chased down 268 runs with the loss of five wickets in just 47.5 overs. Recently in the t20 world cup, they had almost beaten India but unfortunately could not be able to win the match. In this match, Bangladesh lost four wickets for just 33 runs but the magnificent partnership from Shakib and Mahmudullah got them a win. After this match, Bangladesh players are really pumped up and they have a strong chance to get into the Semi-final and play big game of the tournament.

2)    Sri Lanka beating India:

The match between India and Sri Lanka has been the most interesting and best match of Champion’s Trophy so far. In this match, India put 321 runs on the board. Looking at the foam of Sri Lankan cricketers, the target seemed to be very difficult to be chased.

It was really surprising when the Sri Lankan batsmen started going after the ball and attacking from the very first ball. They also lost one early wicket but the young squad was not really wanted to give up and made that chase look very easy. Sri Lankan players will be charged up after this match as their performance was not up to the mark for last two years, after beating India in this match will give them good confidence. It will be interesting to see their performance against the team in foam Pakistan.

3)    Pakistan beating South Africa:

Though in this match rain was the major factor but still, the bowling of Pakistanis was really good and disciplined. If we do not consider the number and rankings, in today’s time South Africa are the best side among all the teams in the world. Pakistan have beaten them so this is going to be the most interesting tournament. South Africa have the best players in the world who are able to register the biggest total on the board and chase down any target the opposition challenge them. After losing to Pakistan, they will definitely be dis-appointed and they will be looking to start a new beginning in their match against India.

Champion’s Trophy 2017 has taken the interesting turn. From group B all the four teams have a chance to go to the Semi-finals. India and South Africa are all set to play on Sunday and whoever wins the game will go to the semis. Let's wait and checkout which team wins the battle for an amazing glory. Pakistan and Sri Lanka have registered wins with amazing performances in their previous matches so I’m looking forward to these two matches. One of these two teams has a strong chance to register a win the Semi-finals and reach in the final as well.


  1. You were missing Pakistan beating India in the finals

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